What’s the deal with the pickle juice trend?

Pickle juice is all the rage, which has the internet sending mixed signals. Some people are literally eating it up, while others are completely disgusted. So what’s the deal with it and is it even good for you?

Although pickle juice is high in sodium, which can be harmful if you have certain health conditions, or aren’t drinking enough water, there are actually some health benefits. The sodium and potassium (electrolytes) in the juice can be beneficial when you’re playing sports. It can help you stay hydrated. Pickle juice also contains vitamin C, vitamin E, and antioxidants! It can be an athlete favorite, because it also helps with muscle cramps, about 1/3 cup of pickle juice can relieve cramps, in a study this was more effective than the same amount of water. It’s no a surprise that athletes have been relaying on pickle juice for sometime.

So, whether you’re playing sports or just staying active, pickle juice could be your friend. If you’re looking to try out this hot trend, check out the list below (disclaimer: not all of these will offer the same health benefits).

Frozen Pickle Pops

Image from Bob's Pickle Pops
Image from Bob’s Pickle Pops

Pickle Juice Soda

Pickle juice soda
Image from Vintage Soda Company

Pickle juice soda is the latest entrant in bizarre beverage trendPickle juice soda is the latest entrant in bizarre beverage trendSnow Cones

snow cone
Image found on Amazon (Sold by TNG Store)







Bottled Juice

pickle juice
Image from Amazon

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