What’s the Deal with Cold Brew Coffee?

You may have noticed cold brew coffee being offered at your local/chain coffee shop or convenience store. Although it’s been around for a while, it’s only in recent years that it went mainstream. But what exactly is it?

Cold brew doesn’t mean it’s simply iced coffee. It’s actually more complex than that. This coffee is brewed for a longer period of time with water that is cold or at room temperature. It takes about 12 to 24 hours to brew. This type of brewing gives the coffee a fuller body, with a more mellow bite, because there is less acidity. It can even taste sweeter than a standard brew.

What are the benefits of choosing cold brew? Because of the low acidity, it can be easier on the stomach, and for those with acid reflux. The body has a PH balance, and it should maintain a certain level. However, there are foods and drinks that can throw the body out of balance. By choosing a lower acidic drink, you can help reduce the acidity levels.

There are several brands that sell cold brew coffee. But you can also make it at home. According to SamsClub, you simply “Steep ground coffee (preferably coarse) in water using a coffee filter, cheese cloth or nut milk bag. While steeping, store in a room temperature or colder setting, soaking for 12 hours or more.” It typically last longer than hot coffee as well, so you can make a big batch at once.

Switching to cold brew can be a health choice or a flavor preference. It offers a full body coffee, without the bitter acidic taste. Plus, you reduce the acidity levels that you’re ingesting.

What do you think? Will you be making the switch?

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