Here’s Why You Should Be Eating Your Blueberries!

In 2003, July was officially made National Blueberry Month by the USDA. It’s the peak season, which means better quality blueberries and often lower prices!

This popular berry does not only have a special month in the USA. But Canada also has their own blueberry month in August.

But what makes the blueberry so special? These little berries pack a whopping amount of antioxidants; in fact, they’ve been said to contain more than any other fruit! And if you haven’t heard, antioxidants kill cancer causing free radicals. But this isn’t blueberry’s only claim to fame. Blueberries are also packed full of vitamins and nutrients: vitamins C, A, and E, fiber, copper, selenium, zinc, and iron! Blueberries are also low in calories. Which means…

They are brain boosters. All of these great ingredients make for a pretty powerful berry. Blueberries have been quoted as actually reversing memory loss related to aging!

They fight the fat. Blueberries have less than 100 calories per cup. And they are high fiber. Fiber can help your digestive system and help you feel full longer.

They may prevent cancer and fight infection.  The Native Americans seemed to be aware of blueberries powers long ago and used them for treating coughs. Which makes sense since they are packed with good-for-you stuff. They’ve been said to boost immune systems and remove cancer causing free radicals. Blueberries have also been said to fight infections, and may even prevent UTIs.

Blueberries may be small, but they are definitely mighty. If you don’t already, now’s the time to start buying them. You can eat them plain, in fruit salads, pies, yogurt, oatmeal, scones, smoothies, and more! You can also celebrate National Blueberry Month by visiting one of the many festivals going on throughout the USA. Find one in your state. Enjoy these tasty berries and the added health benefits!

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