5 Must-Try Foodie Apps

There are apps for everything. And, with a world full of foodies, of course there are several devoted to meeting cravings everywhere. If you enjoy good eating or cooking, you may want to try out a few of these…


This app is an extensive recipe database. It allows you to “collect, save and organize” favorites. You can also find recommendations and recipes perfect for special diets.


OpenTable is the perfect app for restaurant goers. This app makes reservations easy! You can discover new places, read menus with ease and earn points on your meals.


This app combines the love of food and travel for mobile users everywhere. It’s a video network that allows you to “discover great places, watch one minute videos, create amazing videos in minutes and share favorite food moments.”


This handy app is devoted to helping its users eat healthier. You can scan your food to find out what nutritional grade it receives. The app will provide a grade from A to D, based on “nutrients, ingredients, processing, a product’s category and fortification.”


This app is perfect for grocery shopping. You can save money by integrating coupons. You can also make a favorites list and browse “a database of millions of items.” The app also offers a barcode scanner and product details.

These are just a few of the many apps created for foodies. There are plenty more. Do you have any favorites? Please in comments section below.


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