Breakfast: Why You Shouldn’t Be Skipping This Meal

Breakfast may be a low priority in your household. It can be easily overlooked with everything else you have going on, from meetings to deadlines. However, it may be time to raise the priority level on this meal, because not eating a good breakfast can actually hurt your concentration, energy, and problem solving skills.

Eating a good breakfast is like having a secret weapon. It can not only improve your work performance, but also help you in the weight control department, revving up your metabolism and helping you stay fuller for longer (staving off that afternoon binge eating).

But what exactly should you be eating in the morning? The powerful meal to start the day will include good/complex carbs and protein. When you have fiber and protein you can stay energized and feel fuller longer. A good/complex carb will be one that metabolizes at a slower pace (not something that burns fast and leaves you dragging later like simple carbs). Here are some examples of breakfast foods to add to your plate.

  • Strawberries
    • Contain vitamin C, folic acid, and fiber
  • Raspberries
    • Contain fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K
  • Whole grain cereal or whole grain bread
    • Contain fiber
  • Oatmeal
    • Contain fiber and minerals
    • Add milk and you have protein plus calcium
    • Fruits, nuts, and honey are good optional toppings
    • Stay away from high sugar pre-mix oatmeal packs
  • Grapefruit
    • Hydrating, filling, and contain antioxidants
  • Eggs
    • Great protein source
    • Contain vitamin D and nutrients
  • Almond butter
    • High in protein
    • Contains monounsaturated fats (a good fat option)
    • Pairs well with a banana, apple, or whole grain bread

These are just a few of the better breakfast options. However, you can mix and match some of these to create a powerful meal to get you going in the morning. The key is to have fiber and protein to start your day.

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