7 Simple Steps to Planning a Holiday Party

The holidays are approaching, are you considering having a holiday party? If so, there are seven simple steps to keep in mind as you start the planning process.

Consider your budget

Your budget is of course important. Consider what finances you have to work with, and what you expect to spend on everything: venue, food, décor, etc. This will help you determine a variety of things. For example: If you are working with a tight budget, consider a potluck holiday party. If you have a larger budget to work with you may want to hire a caterer.

Choose your décor

When choosing décor, think about what look you want to have, and keep your finances in mind. If you’re on a tight budget, consider DIY décor or shop your local dollar store. You may even decide that the way your house is decorated for the holidays is décor enough, or maybe you want to add an extra flair.

Pick a venue

When picking a venue you’ll need to consider these things: size of party, the theme, and the locale. The most important is arguably the size, think about how many people you expect to attend. Also consider your audience, what their interests may be, and what locale will work well for them. And of course, make sure your venue matches well with your theme.

Create a menu

Creating a menu can be as simple as hosting a potluck, and asking everyone to share their favorite holiday treats. You may even want to offer a cocoa bar or throw a cookie party.  An appetizer social or a sit down dinner are other menu options as well. Think about what type of atmosphere you’d like to have, what type of seating is available, and what your budget will allow, then think food!

Consider gift ideas

Gift exchanges can be a lot of fun. You’ll want to consider what type of gift exchange you’d like, and what monetary amount you’d like to set. You could have a white elephant exchange, draw names ahead of time (just make sure everyone RSVPs for this one), or you could ask everyone to donate to a charity of your choosing.

Send invitations

Of course you have to send invitations. So before you do this, create a guest list. Then consider how you want to invite them. You can mail invites, send them online, or even use Facebook’s event creator.

Holiday parties can be a lot of fun. Just be sure you check everything off your to-do list, so you can enjoy the night with ease.

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