6 Reasons You Should Garden

Do you have a green thumb? If not, it may be time to develop one. Gardening comes with a side of benefits.

Stress relief

It’s probably no surprise to gardeners, that gardening can be a great stress reliever. It allows you to clear your head, while being “one with the land.” You can let your worries behind you, and focus on the task. And reducing stress can have a world of benefits. Stress produces the hormones Adrenaline, Cortisol, and Norepinephrine. They can increase not only your heart rate, but also your blood pressure. Stress can also cause headaches, irritability, and fatigue (and that’s just the beginning).

Feelings of accomplishment

Gardening also helps you feel accomplished. You can see the rewards of your hard labor, especially when fresh crops come in.

Money savings 

You can save money too. This may not be a health benefit, but it’s a benefit nonetheless. By growing your own vegetables, you can save on groceries. You may even be able to sell your fresh produce at a farmer’s market or curbside, depending on the area you live in.

Community building

It builds community. You can share your fresh produce with friends and family. You can pick flowers and give bouquets to your loved ones.

Keeps the weight off

Gardening can also help you keep the pounds down. You can burn calories, build strength, and stretch muscles with all the repetitive tasks that it requires.

Calcium absorption

It also gets you outside, where you can get some vitamin D, a key in assisting your body with calcium absorption.

Whether you’re a born gardener or a beginner, you can reap the rewards of gardening this season. What flowers and/or produce will you plant?

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