3 Secret Things That Could Be Making You Sick And What You Can Do About It

Could you secretly be making yourself sick? Well, probably not intentionally, but some of your habits could attribute to how often you get ill. Just like bad habits can lead to unhealthy results, good habits can lead to healthier outcomes.

Stop stress in its tracks

It’s commonly known that stress can lead to a weakened immune system. But, it’s hard to reduce stress in a culture where everything is fast and busy.

What you can do: When you’re making your schedule for the week, be sure you have some wiggle room for yourself or purposely mark it on the calendar if you need to. Make this a priority to renew and recover from a stressful week. And if you must say ‘no’ to a few things, that’s ok too. Saying ‘yes’ to everything may make you a very tired and burnt out person, leading you to a lowered immune system.

Ease stress with regular exercise. It can provide endorphins to make you feel good overall. And a positive mindset can ease the burden of stress. Make sure you are also getting the rest you need to be refreshed and operating at your best. Just like regular exercise, this will be good for your overall health.

Take steps to avoid food poisoning

You just cooked yourself a delicious home cooked meal, but then you end up sick to your stomach. Food poisoning doesn’t just happen when you eat out, it can happen right at home. There are various causes of food poisoning, and some are more serious than others.

What you can do: There are a few steps you can take to help avoid food poisoning. Wash your produce thoroughly. You want to be sure to remove any germs left behind by manure, dirty water, or other contaminates. Some produce, such as melons and potatoes should be scrubbed with water and a hard brush.

Another way to stop germs in their tracks is by making sure food is properly cooked. Raw or under-cooked eggs or meat can provide you with some unwanted symptoms. And yes, that includes raw cookie dough (which often contains raw eggs). Sprouts are another food item you may want to avoid in raw form. As appetizing as raw sprouts can be, they are very easily contaminated, which can make them a dangerous food choice. Reduce your chance of getting food poisoning by choosing to saute them instead.

Fix nutritional deficiencies

Not getting the nutrition you need can lead to various issues including: weakness, digestive problems, skin issues, fatigue, depression, and even hair loss. These kinds of deficiencies can be caused by poor diet or a disease/health condition. Keep in mind, children are often at a higher risk for having nutritional deficiencies.

What you can do: If you suspect you have a deficiency, it’s best to discuss your diet with a doctor or dietitian to figure out the right changes to make or supplements you can take. Ensure you are eating a more balanced meal and try to limit foods with low or no nutritional value. Also, limit high fat foods (marbled steak, cheese, artificial trans fats etc.). These can create digestive problems and even raise your LDL Cholesterol. Choose instead to eat leaner meats. And when it comes to cheese, don’t overdo it. Treat cheese like the delicacy it is, and save it for special occasions (or maybe once a week).

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